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Adhering to the Code of Conduct in Healthcare and Social Care

Understanding the Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct sets standards and values for care providers, ensuring effective and compassionate care. It is supervised by Skills for Health and Skills for Care in England.

Key Principles of the Code

  • Accountability for actions and omissions.
  • Championing the privacy, dignity, rights, health, and well-being of care recipients and caregivers.
  • Collaboration with colleagues for high-quality, safe care.
  • Effective communication for the benefit of care recipients and caregivers.
  • Respecting individuals' right to confidentiality.

The Care Act's Guiding Principle

The Care Act emphasizes placing the well-being of individuals at the center of care and support services.

Commitment to Professional Development

Care providers must continually improve healthcare, care, and support through professional development, promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion.

Challenging Discrimination

Discrimination is unacceptable and must be confronted in your work or others'. Reporting unfair treatment to a manager is crucial for addressing poor practice.

Reflective Practice in Care

Reflective practice involves evaluating your actions and outcomes, helping identify and improve upon unfair treatment arising from personal values and beliefs.

Reporting and Promoting Positive Change

Reporting observed instances of unfair treatment is essential, empowering managers to intervene, address issues, and foster a positive care environment.


Adhering to the Code of Conduct and embracing continuous development and reflective practice are key to providing high-quality, equitable healthcare and social care.