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Inclusion is about making sure that everyone is fully included both in the workplace and outside in social activities.

Everyone takes the equal concern to ensure that everyone has their needs and rights met. It engages all participants by creating an environment that fosters belonging, this underpins the principals of equality and diversity. Diversity and inclusion ties in very well with the aims of the Equality Act upholding the principals of promoting peoples rights, equality and diversity.

It is about respecting a persons identity, choice, dignity and effective communication with people. These principals are good practice and should be adopted in all professions and activities.  It moves towards environments where everyone can reach and exceed expectation, fulfil the promise and develop their full potential.

People have the right to be different, free from discrimination, the right to confidentiality, effective communication and the right to safety and security.

When we respect someone's identity we are respecting them as a person, even if it does not fit in with our own beliefs or values. Recognising and accepting the diversity of others paves the way to equality for everyone.  To be able to fully support equality and diversity properly you need to have an understanding of prejudices, stereotyping, labelling, common assumptions and discrimination together with your own beliefs, assumptions and prejudices.

All of these can get in the way of fully supporting equality and diversity.