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Overview of the Equality Act 2010

A comprehensive breakdown of the nine protected characteristics and their implications in and out of the workplace.

The Nine Protected Characteristics

1. Age

Outlines the prohibition of age-based discrimination, with exceptions for justified differential treatment.

2. Disability

Defines disability and mandates reasonable adjustments for disabled employees. Includes protections against indirect, associative, and perceptive discrimination.

3. Pregnancy and Maternity

Protects against discrimination during pregnancy and maternity leave, including provisions for breastfeeding.

4. Marriage and Civil Partnership

Ensures equal treatment for all marital statuses and partnerships.

5. Gender Reassignment

Covers individuals transitioning genders, removing previous medical supervision requirements.

6. Race

Prohibits discrimination based on race, colour, nationality, and ethnic or national origins.

7. Religion or Belief

Protects against discrimination based on religion or personal beliefs, excluding political beliefs.

8. Sex

Guarantees freedom from sex-based discrimination.

9. Sexual Orientation

Protects individuals from discrimination based on sexual orientation, including bisexual, gay, heterosexual, or lesbian identities.

Scope Beyond Employment

Emphasizes the Act's applicability to personal interactions, urging consideration of treatment towards others based on these characteristics.