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In the course of your work, there may be times when you need to take action to find out more information about diversity, equality and inclusion. This might be as a result of; reflecting on your own work and finding that you need to develop your skills and knowledge, needing to know how to apply the principles of diversity, equality and inclusion to an unfamiliar situation or maybe because you have witnessed discrimination or unfair treatment in someone else’s work and need advice on how to deal with it.

Information, advice and support in relation to diversity, equality, inclusion and discrimination could be found in a number of places. It is important to reflect on your work and to think about how you can improve the care and support that you provide to others. Reflecting on situations and experiences will help you to decide if you do need further information, support or advice; this will help you to develop as a worker.

Sources of information, advice and support could include: looking into the ways of working of your organisation, checking out the Care Quality Commission’s essential standards of quality and safety or to speak to your manager for advice and guidance and for extra support or for ideas on where to go or who to speak to for further information. You can also make use of informal meetings or discussions with other workers and formal appraisals or supervision with managers for additional guidance or to ask particular questions. 

 Undertaking your own research on the internet, for example looking at the Equality and Human Rights Commission or your Social Service’s or NHS website will also give you more advice and support in carrying out your job.